March 28, 2010

Recipe for Successful Early Bedtime

(1) two children: one energetic six-year-old boy with autism and a precocious four-year-old girl;
(2) one sleepy mom;
(3) one amazing-beyond-words Gram.

Wake both children well before they desire to get up on Saturday morning.
Arrive by 8:30 a.m. at local mall for Easter Seals Walk-a-Thon.
Older child walks TWO WHOLE MILES; younger child walks one.
Drive directly to local Easter egg hunt.
Park .25 miles away from scene of hunt; children must walk to and from.
Hunt eggs.
Sit and eat candy.
Pet and feed animals at petting zoo--a feature of egg hunt.
Leave egg hunt and pick up food.
Drive directly to neighborhood park; picnic & play with awesome friends.
LOTS of spinning and climbing on new-age park equipment at said neighborhood park.
Drive back to house for one hour of chill-time with best buds.
Drive directly to local pool and swim for two hours.
Return home. Eat dinner and bathe.

If ALL directions are followed in proper order, both children SHOULD fall asleep 30 minutes earlier than normal. Yep, a whopping 30 minutes. But what a fabulous day!

1 comment:

  1. wow that is one busy day! we were at the Easter egg hunt at Nash farm also. the bunnies in the petting zoo were so sweet Abby did not want to let them go.