August 26, 2011

Sometimes a friend who has been there, because she lives it, can make a point in such a way that I want to shout praise from the rooftops.

So here is the blogosphere equivalent: a link to a post on her blog.

It's the Little Things

I hear ya, Deb.
I can count the number of times that has happened to me with, well, one finger. (Not the autism-related stress in public part. That is my life. But the stranger-approaching-with-a-kind-bit-of-encouragement part.)

I will never forget it.
It really does mean so much.


  1. Thanks for posting that. It does help to know that there are kind people out there who know what it is like to be a struggling parent.

  2. Thanks for linking me, Leah! It was a very precious moment. That lady was my fairy godmother that day, I think :)