April 7, 2018

It is a new day at my house.
And a new day calls for a new blog.
If any former readers are still out there, I would like to invite you to my new blog:

Rays of Light and Rolls of Rain 

Come read how, finally, after 14 years, we have started to unlock Daniel's voice.


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  1. I've just discovered yours and Daniel's story and I'm moved beyond words. Well done for not giving up hope and working so hard to help your son express his thoughts, I'm now following his blog and am blown away by how beautiful a writer he is. I've got a nephew who has autism, he's not completely non-verbal but has problems expressing himself, I've sent a link to the youtube video of you both to my sister and am sure she'll be blown away by it and will want to try it out.
    Best love to you and your family,