April 30, 2010

The Great Big Little Things that Bring Me Joy: Part Ten

Who has brought me joy?

My parents, who would put Everest on their backs and walk 100 miles if they could, if it would somehow help me and my children.

My magnificent lifeline, S, my best friend in the world.

My gals here in DFW--dazzling, sexy women who have my back.

My gals back in the hometown. (Hey, J and H.)

My gals back in LR. (Yo, D and C. I miss you and think I will be heading your way in June.)

My best law school bud. (Yes, girl, we are long overdue for a phone call. You will be hearing from me any day now).

My childhood friend up in Arlington who knows my pain all too well.

My cousin in KC who checks in and who, no doubt, prays for me every day.

The amazing ladies I know from cyberspace.

The old friends who have reappeared recently and brought me laughter and good wishes. One IMs me out of the blue and keeps sending me those funny words at just the right times, one drops me a note because he has heard of my worries, one reads this blog and shares her own stories of a broken heart.

The neighbors who know I am here without a spouse and who sincerely offer help when I need it.

To all the people who have listened to me vent and listened to me worry, who have found ways to make me laugh, who have cheered my accomplishments--little though they may be--and who have helped me make peace with my mistakes ....

To the people who get down on my son's level and really try to connect with him, the people who cheer on his accomplishments--because they are never little ....

To all the people who have offered prayers and good wishes, and, perhaps most importantly, companionship when I am feeling lonely ....

I am lucky to know you all.

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