May 3, 2010

The Great Big Little Things that Bring Me Joy: Part Twelve

I sometimes agonize over how much pain my daughter has had to endure, and will have to endure, during her childhood.

But, wow, does she find ways to crack me up with the little things she says.

Tonight, she paused to watch one of the dancers on DWTS.

She says to me, "Mama, doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL."

Well, yes, Olivia, she does.

"But, she better be careful, or people are going to see her underwear."

THIS coming from a girl who will have entire conversations with guests in our home after getting out of the tub, buck-naked.

The entire conversation.... just standing there, chatting away, without a stitch of clothing on her body.

So, where in the world did this come from, this concern about Cheryl Burke exposing her underwear?

I once heard a cousin of mine, a mother of four children even though none of them really were "planned", say, "God gives you what you need. He just gives you what you need."

Well, I don't know about all of that. There are people, CHILDREN even, with g-tubes and tracheotomies, heart defects and facial deformities, cancer and brain tumors -- and autism -- all over the world. Obviously, they need a whole lot, and no Intervenor-from-Above is supplying the miracle it takes for them to live the strong, healthy, carefree childhoods they deserve.

But, if there is a God above who supplies the things we need to get through the hardships of life, then there is no better example of such a Godsend than my daughter.

Every day, she says something to amaze me.

Every day, she says something to make me laugh.

Every day, I thank the Lord above that she is mine.


  1. Hi, my name is Jace Rogers and am one of the kids your father loves to tell jokes to and teaches. He has shared some of your heart-breaking story and yes.. it is very heart-breaking to even a seventeen boy that see's his future in the Marines/Army. Even while you suffer and go through all you have gone through you do have a couple of bright things to look at. Your two kids, and your crazy father(which i have the upmost respect for.) He has decided to teach us Trigonometry in a Algebra 2 class which i dont quite understand but, at the end of the day i walk out knowing what he's tlaking about.. most of the time. It's pretty confusing and gives a massive headache sometimes but like i said, it usually makes sense at the end of the day. Anyways, I'm very sorry for your tragic event. I hope the best for you Autistic child, and hope a for very good things in his future. I'm sure you are doing your best as a parent and your mother and father give you very useful help in all this. I don't know why things like this happen to people, especially the ones that haven't deserved this. But please remember God works in mysterious ways, everything happens for a reason. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  2. Jace,

    Hi!! Nice to "meet" you! And what a nice note. It is so funny for me to think of my dad teaching at my old high school. It seems like eons ago when I was romaing the halls at T-High.

    Get my dad on the basketball court with you sometime. Tell him I said he can NOT do any running -- he had a hip replacement surgery a while back and does NOT need to be running. But, wow, can he shoot. You'll be surprised!

    Thanks for your prayers. Whenever people tell me that my family -- especially Daniel --is in their prayers, it really does bring comfort.

    Good for you for thinking about the military. But don't jump into anything! Don't rush your decision. You are a young guy wiht lots of time to consider the service. You can always go later -- after exploring college or other ideas. Although I admire beyond words people like you who feel such devotion to their country ....

    Thanks for reading my blog!!!