May 21, 2010

To Judith, and the Other Heroes, with Thanks

Autism can be a totally KO.

It can send a parent reeling.

It is not what anybody is expecting when buying decorations for the nursery and listening to the lamaze teacher explain how a woman should breathe when the time comes to push a child into the universe.

It isn't the way anybody's life is supposed to be.

But autism is reality for way, way too many parents.

Some of them are truly amazing people.

They are doing what so many of us wish we had the energy to do. They are getting up each and every day and fighting the good fight -- for their own children and for mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. I too have a child that doesn't speak. She's 5yrs and only knows a little bit of sign language. We usually have to guest what she wants. She is just finishing up her first year of preschool. I was really hopeing she was going to be able to stay at her current school for kindergarden but they don't have a special needs kindergarden. Her little brother makes comments about her not being able to talk but he's not hurtful. In fact, he's quite protective of her. You're welcome to visit my blog -