July 9, 2010

Thank you, dear J

I have no idea if I ever will be able to make sense of my life, or of life in general.

But there have been people--people with no obligation to me or my children--who have been incredibly kind.

Every time I drift into deeper waters, one of these people pulls me closer to shore.

One such person, a mother whom I met through cyberspace, called me a few nights ago. We have corresponded via email many times. But we had never before spoken.

She, too, has a child with autism. She, too, has a younger child who fills her days with laughter--and drama.

She, too, is trying to take care of her children by herself. Her husband is in Iraq, trying to help the people of that country rebuild their lives.

Rebuilding lives ... It is easier said than done.

This woman is amazing.

The way she describes her children captures me.

She is an inspiration.

And so I leave you with her words. Take the time to read them. You will be glad you did.


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