July 19, 2010

To the Gals on the Dance Floor

When does an old wound really start to heal -- the kind of wound that is open, deep, and wrapped around the heart?

I am not sure.

BUT I know what helps to heal the human spirit.

Five BEAUTIFUL friends, all of them mothers, all of them amazingly strong and smart, who worry about your pain and your stress, and who manage to make you laugh in the worst of times.

Women who talk, and laugh, and share the stories of their lives, before hitting the dance floor and letting loose.

And, what do you know??? I am discovering that letting down my hair and staying out well past the hours I'd normally crawl into bed also does a heck of a lot to uplift my weary soul.

Thanks, ladies, for a VERY fun night.

Thanks for your friendship.

I don't know how I would have gotten through the past year without you.


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