January 1, 2011

What child would DARE steal from Santa???

What child would DARE steal from the giver-of-gifts, the keeper-of-lists?

What child would DARE think she could outsmart the Ole St. Nick and all of his elves?


We didn't have cookies, so we left cupcakes.

And apples for the reindeer.

My daughter put each cupcake on the special plate that we left on the table. She arranged the apples just as she saw fit.

And low and behold ....

when nobody was looking, and she was supposed to be asleep, she sneaked over to that plate ...

And ate all the frosting off of those cupcakes!!!!

As if Santa wouldn't think he was getting robbed.

As if he wouldn't wonder who stole his frosting.

Sweet Lord.

If she can steal from Santa at the age of five, what in the world am I in for as her mother?

Happy New Year, everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Made me laugh - and laughs do not come often enough. In some future blog you might want to mention that she instructed her gram to hide the honey fron GD. I think she was worried that the supply was low and she wanted to be sure she had some for gram's waffles on her nexct trip. I hope that daniel starts going to sleep better. I hope that the I pad produces some positive results. You know I love you and thos kids. Tell Olivia how wonderful she is for me. Dad