September 18, 2010

Someone recently told me that I should spend "all of (my) extra time being a better wife instead of blogging and training for marathons."

There is just so very much I can say about that comment ....

But I won't.

Instead, I am going to lace up my running shoes and participate in a 5K this evening.

My time will stink. I am exhausted. And I am coughing and wheezing up some nasty looking stuff.

But I will finish.

At least that's what I am telling myself. Rah, rah.



  1. hey, good luck. That's fantastic. And to that person - pfft! When I started a conversation on FB about how stupid it was for son's school to send home a permission slip to hear the president's speech someone told me I should "get back to talking autism. Why should anyone expect us to be one dimensional?

  2. Oh my gosh, Leah. I can't believe someone said that!! That is pretty dang self-rightous sounding, is all I can say. There is a lot more I could say, and I am sure you know it all, but I won't. You run those marathons and blog away! Love ya, Cherie

  3. I LOVE all your posts, and the fact that you are a runner is a bonus!

  4. OMG, YOU know you are doing what you need to do for you, and THAT makes you a better wife and mother... *Pffft* on that ignorant person! You GO girl!