August 17, 2010

A Big Hello from Texas (Or Should I Say, "Hey Y'all")

About a month ago, I installed this gadget on my blog called StatCounter. It is one of the coolest things I have seen in recent memory. (That's right, I don't get out much).

It allows me to see where my readers live, or least where they are sitting while they are reading my blog. I am amazed to know that there are people reading my blog in 20 states, as well as two contintents other than North America.

I can see how many old friends are reading back in my hometown.

It is such an honor when people want to read what I write. My hope is that people are learning something about autism from reading my stories about my son. I also hope I am able to convey the great joy that lies within my boy, as well as the joy associated with being his mother, even if that role brings upon challenges I didn't envision seven years ago!

I believe awareness fosters compassion, and that knowledge about autism will bring about opportunities for people who have so much to offer, even if they need some assistance in the process. I can only hope that my words about Daniel contribute to autism awareness in some small, but hopefully significant, way.

I always love to hear from readers, and I am so curious to know about the people reading from cities with which I have no connection. I have met many wonderful people through cyberspace, and I hope to meet many more. So, please, if any of you ever have thought about contacting me, don't be shy! And THANKS for reading.


  1. Oh I know, isn't that counting widget awesome! I just installed mine 6 days ago and can see that I've had over twenty hits this week, from places all over the US, from England, Thailand, Australia. I had no idea! I hope you and your kids are having a great week. Mine started school yesterday (3rd grade). When I saw the jumping up and down and flapping as the bus pulled up I knew it would be a great day.

  2. It is totally awesome! I can't believe how much information it gives you!

    I am enjoying catching up on your blog, too, btw! :)