August 8, 2010

If She Only Knew the Joy She Brings

More delightful words from my daughter, who turns five-years-old next month:

"Gram," she says to my mother while looking at a picture of a mother and daughter in a book, "Where do you think the father and brother are?"

"I don't know, Olivia," says my mom.

"Maybe they went to the hills of South Dakota."

"Well, OK, maybe they did go to the hills of South Dakota," says my surprised mom.

"Maybe they went to the hills of South Dakota so they could go prospecting for gold."


"Are you feeling better, Olivia," I ask her, after she has calmed down from a fit about something or other.

"Yes, Mama, I am. Only one of my feelings is still hurt. The rest of them are OK."


"Mama, I will stop being so cranky if you would just turn on a movie!!!!!" she says to me after several minutes of screaming because I turned off the DVD-player in the car so I could listen to some music.

"Well, no kidding, Olivia, I would stop being cranky, too, if I got everything I wanted, but, unfortunately, life just doesn't work that way."

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