August 11, 2010

When You Don't Have the Words, Link to Somebody Who Does

I am without words these days. Or perhaps there are just way too many swirling in my head.

Next week, my son turns seven and my daughter starts kindergarten.

One still does not talk. The other frequently startles me with her perceptiveness, with her amazing ability to appreciate some of the more extraordinary difficulties of life.

I currently am at a loss to put my thoughts about any of it into writing.

So, I will link to someone else's words, instead. I have mentioned before how cyberspace has allowed me to "meet" moms raising exceptional children, moms who understand what it means to truly celebrate and to truly worry. But there also are dads out there in cyberspace who can capture me with their words about their children.

Here is one of them:

He writes beautifully about his daughter and about himself. And I want to pull something from one of his recent posts because it is an excellent reminder of the most important lesson I could ever learn as Daniel's mom:

... I like to believe that I mostly err on the side of overbelieving in her. I've learned that everyone needs people who love them enough to overbelieve in them.

--with thanks to Robert Rummel-Hudson


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