November 5, 2010

Autism brings on its share of headaches, heartaches, and out-and-out stress.

No doubt.

BUT there are "autistic traits" that definitely would improve the world if only the "normal" people would pay attention.

As I have noted here before, when my son likes you, he simply likes you -- unconditionally.
Whether you are fat,
whether you are bald,
whether your clothes are a mess,
and your life is even messier ...

It doesn't matter.

My son doesn't judge as others do.

What matters to him, is really quite simple:

Is this person nice to me?

What a concept.

And so perhaps the most troubling thing to me, in this life of mine that has been so troublesome as of late, is that there are people in this world who, for lack of a better description, are totally the opposite.

It would never occur to my son to do anything to hurt someone.
Because WHY would he ever want anyone to hurt?

And, yet, there are people who take pleasure in others pain.

They can contribute to the worst pain a person has ever known and rub that person's face in it.


I'll take my son's problems, numerous and challenging though they are, any day before I'd want to deal with problems, and people, like that.


  1. It really does make ya think doesn't it. I see the way joy can take over my son's entire being. He does not analyze it. It just is. And pain takes over it just as comprehensively.

  2. Amazing post! I wish sometimes the world could see life through my sons eyes. He does not judge others, but so many judge him for who he is. Makes me wonder sometimes how wonderful it would be with a world without labels